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Posted on: November 20, 2009 5:28 pm
I gotta give the nod to THE SPORTS HUB....  WEEI's host have become insufferable for the most part.  Let's go over the shows from morning to evening:

Dennis and Callahan are so old, ornary and off their rockers, I can't even listen to them anymore...  Somehow over the past 3 years, have become "Ted Sarandis-like" in their ways, from how they think if they yell louder, they'll somehow make their their growing animosity towards Bill Belichick... They are getting more Greek and bald every day.  BB has taken his fair share of abuse from various media outlet, but none has been as downright venomous as Dennis and Callahan. 

Dale and Holley.  I'm sick of Dale's holier than thou attitude... and has Michael Holley ever argued a point to which he feels he NOT right?  Plus, he's a buckeye, can't stand him.  Although he did write Patriot Reign, which is one of the more solid of the exploit books that have barraged the shelves of Barnes and Noble the past 8 years.  Net-Net, they are boring.

The Big Show.  I agree with Bill Simmons.  Ordway surrounds himself with subpar talent to make himself sound good.  This show is an absolute dinosaur.  They have failed to do anything interesting in the past 5 years, and just about the only thing worth listening to is the Belichick spot on Monday's during football season. 

Planet Mikey.  I love Mike Adams, but I'm just not his target market.  I long for the days of his NECN show, and his old "hide the salami" bits.  Mikey brings nothing to the table.

So how about THE SPORTS HUB? 

Toucher and Rich:  had the potential to completely strike out, but man they have done anything but.  Their Jon Gruden bit on Tuesday morning is literally "piss your pants while driving off the road laughing" radio, followed closely behind by "Drunken red Sox recaps."  They are doing what D&C used to do 7-8 years ago:  Entertaining their listeners!  The John Wallach dynamic works, as well as the teasing of Tanguay.  This will be a higher rated show than D&C in 6 months, mark my words.

Tanguay and Zolak.  I really enjoy Zolak.  Tanguay is terrible....he's the thin Pete Sheppard of 98.5.. good voice, zero sports knowledge other than what he's told or what he reads online/in papers.  But Zolak carries this show to make it interesting, and he does his homework.  I've always liked him on All Access anyhow, so I'm biased.

Felger and Mazz.  It's all about Mazz.  I can't stand Felger, but at least he brings it every day.  That being said, I'd listen to these guys one million times over before ever listneing to the Big Blow ever again.

DA:  Best sports show on the radio.    Sorry Mikey, but Damon is killing you here.

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